Cleveland Clinic is a nonprofit multi-specialty academic medical center that integrates clinical and hospital care with research and education. In recent years, the Cleveland Clinic has developed a renowned Art Program which its mission is to enrich, inspire and enliven patients, visitors, employees and community and to embody the core values of the institution: collaboration, quality, integrity, compassion, and commitment. The collection, with an emphasis on contemporary art, is evidence of a commitment to supporting the local, national and international art communities fostering an environment of creative excellence, encouraged dialogue and challenges viewers to experience diverse points of view.

    As a subsidiary of the Cleveland Clinic, the Keep Memory Alive Fine Art Program has been designed to support and bring awareness to the effects of cognitive disorders, the brain and its aging process through the Cleveland Clinic´s philanthropic mission. Works on view, throughoutthe building, have been generously loaned for resale purposes by the artists and collectors who are committed to support this fight for long term research and development, with a percentage of the proceeds to support the Keep Memory Alive Foundation.